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Social Work Referrals/Children’s Hearings

When your family is the subject of a Children’s Hearing Referral we at Baillie Spowart Ltd understand that it can be a confusing and distressing time for all involved. Despite the process being designed to be relatively informal and family friendly, it is absolutely essential to get the best possible legal advice as soon as possible.  The decisions made by the Children’s Hearing Panel Members and by the court can have a profound, and sometimes permanent, effect on children and their families.

We will advise and guide you through the process step-by-step. You can ensure that your case will be dealt with in a professional, sensitive and discrete manner.

Being registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board to provide representation at Children’s Hearings means that we are able to ensure that your voice is heard and understood by those making the decisions.

We will also provide you with sound advice and dedicated representation in relation to appealing against the decision of a Children’s Hearing should this be necessary.



About the Process

The Scottish Children’s Hearing system is designed to help children and families who are in need of care and support. The process begins where the Local Authority Social Work Department have concerns for a child, young person or family who they believe would benefit from additional support.

The Social Work Department will submit a report to the Scottish Children’s Reporter’s Administration outlining their concerns. These concerns can range from low school attendance to allegations of neglect or abuse. The Children’s Reporter will then decide whether the concerns are enough to warrant intervention. If this is the case then the Reporter will convene a Children’s Hearing to put these concerns to the family. The list of concerns are called the Grounds of Referral and Supporting Facts. The family are then asked whether they accept the concerns or whether the concerns are disputed. It is essential to gain the right legal advice at this stage as any accepted statements could be held by the Children’s Hearing to be fact.

If the family accepts the concerns then the Panel Members will require to decide the best course of action. This will usually involve the granting of a Compulsory Supervision Order in respect of the child containing various conditions which are felt to benefit the child(ren). If  however the concerns are disputed the matter is then referred to the Sheriff to ascertain the facts of the case.  This is called a Referral. It is essential, for the protection of your legal rights and those of your family that sound legal advice is obtained at this stage.

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