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Whether you are a prospective adopter or a parent who wishes to oppose the granting of an Adoption Order it is essential to get professional advice at the earliest possible opportunity. We at Baillie Spowart Ltd are experienced in representing clients both in applying for Adoption Orders and opposing the granting of Orders and will provide you with the necessary skilled advice and representation required.

The Adoption process is intended to transfer Parental Rights and Responsibilities, in relation to a child, from their natural parents to the adopters. From the date of a grant of an Adoption Order, the adopters take on full legal responsibility and have full parental rights for the child.  This often results in a complete breakdown in the relationship between the child and their natural parents.

The Court will decide whether to grant an application for adoption. There is a specific process which must be followed including alerting the natural parents to the application for adoption. In some cases the application for adoption is not opposed and, provided the Court considers that the proposed Adoption is in the best interests of the child, the Order is granted. Often, however, the application is opposed by a natural parent who seeks to have the child returned to their care, or at least to preserve some form of contact with the child. This can mean that the process becomes more complex and may result in the matter taking longer to resolve. Sound legal advice is therefore essential.

We will provide you with the necessary knowledgeable advice and will guide you through the Court process step-by-step. We will handle your case in a professional and sensitive manner.

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